Monday, 12 November 2007

The People Speak.... BERSIH Rally 10 Nov '07

The Malaysia political senario has been tested last Saturday when about 40 000 Malaysians from oppositions parties and NGOs converged at Istana Negara to deliver the memorandum of concern for a clean and fair election in Malaysia to the His Majesty. The number of participants actually exceeds as what was reported since factor of thousands more was stuck in the roadblock and traffic jammed.. (Pak Lah trying really hard huh).. Actually, my husband was one of them.. hehehe.. dun wori dear, nnt ada BERSIH2 kot.. bleh masuk youtube...wakakaka ..:X

Although, i don't follow that much on Malaysia political issue, (well, occasionally i do read some of the news and blogs just to keep myself updated), but i thought THAT 10th Nov was a succesful mission of a brave Malaysians outcrying for their rights, dissatisfaction and an alarm for a reformation of what has been imposed by the goverment for the past 50 years.. It's not that i'm ungrateful of what the goverment did for the past 26 years of my life, however i saw a plunging of the truthfulness in the political scenarios nowadays (err.. welll, the truth is politics are never clean!).

Our corruption index is increasing, basic groceries price getting higher every year and sadly the petrol price will never go down. Hmmm.. why is that?? Our oil resources is HUGE and we export it for millions of profits, yet we still suffer from the inflation. Other countries like Thailand or Indonesia do not have the resources so they have to import the petrol at high price, so fair for them. But us??? I can imagine one day maybe our petrol spent/month is much higher than our car installment and we end up riding a bicycle to work... Huhuh.. LeRun should be fun :P

Have u guys ever wonder where your tax money spent to?? owh, yeah.. for ME.. heeeheee.. but that's was likeeeeeee 0.000001% maybe.. eh, tapi i bayar tax gak tau 2 tahun, so should be less :P.. What about the majority portion of the taxes.. having fun by sending a so-called 'astronaut' to the space by Russian technology (sorry B aku terkutuk boypren ko :P). Knock, knock hunnyyy.. we don't even have a well compete astronomic or spacecraft technology here and we are so bothered to put Malaysia to the outer space for the sake of Malaysia Boleh!.. Naper tak Malaysia boleh 'hapuskan kemiskinan'... Malaysia boleh 'takde tol' ke or hundreds other benificial purposes to lend hand for the poor and middlelies community.. paling klakar dulu antar mat rempit gi kutub utara... ya ampppuuuunnn.. WTF!. (uh uh.. i'm being so emotional here... wakakak..) I dunno *sigh*... i just felt like 10th Nov was a little breath of fresh air...:)

I watched the rally incident reported by Al Jazeera from youtube on the next day.. But i thought the foreign media provoke the issue such as the demonstration was a total chaos.. coz its only showed the part where the police spraying the teargas and water cannon to the participants near Masjid Jamek. It damaged slightly our reputation of harmonious multicultural country to the outsiders, but that's what the media does best, rite.. heh... Nway, you guys can surf other news and blogs, it was indeed a peaceful marched and after the memorandum consignment, they dispersed accordingly.. This clip is what i meant by the foreign news... take a look..

As i remembered, in my past 26 years, i never experience a time where the people bring forward a matters to the King directly. This is historic, cause this Malaysians know their voice was unheard for so long and their trust to the cabinets has slowly deteriorate. We are a democracy country but our democratic values are challenged. Even our judiciary system (martabat paling tinggi dalam pentadbiran negara) is in crisis with the exposure of the 'judicial fixing' scandal. The issue was not address properly and Sultan Azlan Shah need to called i out in 'Majlis Raja-Raja'. Shame shame.. We don't vote for the Sultans during the elections OCCAY!! (owh, BTW.. did i mention Sultan Azlan Shah is my favourite Sultan... Hehehe... He's intelligent, and handsomeeeeeeeeeeee... sampai tua.. KLUST uols! XD).. I'm not surprise if in future more Malaysians prefer to migrate to other free countries simply because their free country is no longer a free country.

On my thought, we are just too far left behind from the urge of Islam..(bukan la i ni baik giler pun, but back to basis, Islam IS perfect) We need to put in mind that Islam is not just about religion, Islam is a way of life and it applies to all. Bak lagu Justin, What goes around comes around, and history does repeats...

Cheerrsss guys!!


mental muz said...

tudia... jaga2 nanti kena tangkap laksssssss hahahaha

ojah said...

huuuu aku sangat suker n setuju sgt2 ngan cite ko arini.. sbnrnye xde salah pon kalau derang nk buat mcmtu *tukan perarakan aman*.. kite xde channel langsung nak suarakan pendapat.. hehehhe takut nak komen lebih hehehe..

senah.. ko dah sehat abis x? brape kilo bayam ko makansss..

kish said...

Jangan tatau sampai ke kulim FRU datang. BTW dah daftar sebagai pengundi ka senah? :)

ejah said...

note utk incik muzzie + peserta2 lain yg masuk BERSIH rally..YOU GUYS RAWK! akakakakaka..starkan puji laki senah kat blog ko..akakakakaka..

senah apa2 pun duit mara yg ko pakai itew adalah sebahagian duit dr income tax juge..hahaha..wpun yg lain byk menyalur ke kpala2 korupsikan taperlah jgn memberontak kat sana lak..remember kelab umno manchester? akakakakakaka..kang ko kene kurung dek depa lak kan :P hahaha..

L-e-E-n said...

mental muz : akakaka..patriotik sgtsss kannn... tp kalau kena tangkap mak larikk gaya diva uolssss... agagaga

ojah : wakakak... over lak ko takut.. ko keje prebet, takpe.. chakapp chakkappp... wakakakak.. aku dah sehat, alhamdulillah.. Perli kaaaaa?? takdak la berkilo bayam, kang hijau lak muka aku..:P ratus2 gram je senah...

kish : Hahaha... FRU pi kulim buat apa?? Hang buat open house deepavali kaaaa??
KLUST soklan ko, i sukerrr...

ejah : ahahah.. aku tau laki aku RAWKY sambil makan choky choki.. huhuh... aa aku mmg sedar diri aku pakai duit tax hampa.... tp kan aku bekas pembayar tax juggaaakkkk.. so, takdela rasa serba salah sgt:D.. Lagipun, aku study maut (*muka coverina).. wkakaka..:P