Thursday, 15 November 2007

Al Jazeera - BERSIH Forum

At last, dah ada... Heeeee.. :D (penat i tunggu mau tengok)

This is a forum conducted by Al Jazeera to diccuss related issue regarding 10-eleven... The speakers are KJ, Zam's twin brother and Malik Imtiaz Sarwar (Human Rights Lawyer) and chaired by Teymoor Nabili.

Owh, a note for KJ and Nazri... YOU GUYS ARE LIVING IN DENIAL!!!

101 East AL Jazeera (1/4)

101 East Al Jazeera (2/4)

101 East Al Jazeera (3/4)

101 East Al Jazeera (4/4)

* kudos for matsputnik for the video

Here are some points that i summarize from the video :

1) "It was entirely a peaceful protest until the POLICE came along and sprayed chemicals into the faces of hundreds and hundreds protestent" said by the reporter. Previously, the authority asserted that this rally caused traffic hassle and jeoperdize the public safety. What a lame accusation?? Paling lawak, statement Najib ari tu mengganggu peniagaaa.. Huahuahua... Takleh pikir alasan cerdik sket kah??

2) Nazri u can't even answer a simple question by the chairperson "Where is the line between FORCE and NON-FORCE?" (you are pathetic man!) and KJ, you are just maneuvering your points, not smart enuff for an Oxfard graduate, huh.. (i read that he graduated with CGPA 2.26, akakaka... wallahualam..)

3) Guys, listen carefully on the permit issue in the 3rd video. PM said that the media can regulate themselves in the future (silly me if i think that's true). We all know that we have been feed with the pro goverment main stream media for decades, so i doubt that he dare to fullfill his own words (macam janji nak banteras rasuah dulu la... sonyappp jooo). Or maybe he meant the media can regulate themselves BUT with a new permit regulations which eventually controlled by the goverment. Dear PM and the corrupted cabinets, you are ruining your own nation.. why aren't Malaysian a competitive nation? It's because the goverment closed the loop for the people to think freely. There should be a fair field for the goverment and oppositions to battle.. therefore in the end of the day the people are able to make their choice wisely.. not blindfoldedly!.. Sir, the new Malaysians has grown up.. We don't simply do what was told to do, we observe, we evaluate and we act.. Please wake up from your comfort zone, Sir *sigh*....

4) Malik made a good point when he said BERSIH is the initiative of the civil society organization which also comprises the goverment and opposition parties (UMNO is not restricted to join the rally. Then, why aren't they?*bodoh kan soklan ni.. huuhu..*) But if UMNO choose to be there, will the rally be claimed as a smokescreen from the oppositions??

Credits to Teymoor for a well conduct forum and Malik for a brilliant deliverables (Malik muka skema-skema comel... kekekek :D). However, I am disgraced with the way KJ and Nazri representing the goverment and Malaysia itself. They are arrogant, over-protective and narrow minded...


Daaaaaaaa...... ;)


kish said...

HAHAHA..what on earth they choose Nazri and Khairy to represent gomen?

L-e-E-n said...

kish: mebi sbb bleh ckp omputih kot.. KJ is not a minister or parliment member, tetiba terpacak situ.. (ganti ZAM kooootttt, takut Zam rap lagi) huahuahua.. Gelabah sgt ka derang ni smpi takleh nak panggil the right person to sit on the chair??. Kalau kena ckp melayu ckp la, bukan al jazeera takdak translator.. malu sangat kaaaa ngan bahasa ibunda?? adoi la, memang MELAYU MUDAH LUPA...

ejah said...

ahahaha..bagaikan menutup tahi dgn kain..they can cover the view but the smell? huhu..

L-e-E-n said...

ejah : mebi die rasa yang dia tutup tu tahi nyamuk... sangat tak berbau... :s.. akakakak