Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Wayar putus...

Hmmm.. well, I'm thingking of nagging about BERSIH rally again.. right now... at this moment .. sambil makan mee bandung ngan jus epal nih :D (star kan ada mee bandung kat UK).. heheh.. Nasib korang la klu nak baca (and mebi for another couple of entries :P).. huhu.. MY BLOG, MY RULES!... wakakaka... Bukan apa, I'm attracted with the interesting responses i saw from some of our goverment leaders, the oppositions, the free preachers and main crowd itself regarding the historical rally last Saturday.

So, after the Engrish 'rap'ed interviewed between Al-Jazeera and Zam yesterday, his twin brother Nazri made a cliche-immature-senseless speech in the Parliment today. If you miss it, you can just search from youtube, coz i dun want to colour my blog with too many cheap jokers around.. however i'll share some of his inferior prattles as reported by The Sun therefore you can get the idea of my bedevil speech as we go on.. :P

He said, and I quote :

"There is no other way to describe the move by Bersih and opposition political parties such as Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and DAP for organising and participating in the gathering, he said in reply to a supplementary question from Che Azmi Abdul Rahman (BN-Kuala Nerus) in the Dewan Rakyat (Parliament) today.

"How can we say that there is no fairness? I can understand that if (Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim lost the election and said that it was not fair. This is after winning and yet he says it is not fair. That is why I say that they are suffering from 'wayar putus' in their head."

Nazri said the gathering was organised by the Opposition as a "smokescreen to their expected loss in the next (general) election".

My comment :

BERSIH rally is not only exclaimed by the opposition political parties and civil society organisations but it was a tremendous prevailed by thousands other people who were aware of their rights and craving for veracious potrays of the true democratic country. Those people choose to be apart of BERSIH because they want to... there were no free lunch, no free petrol, no free tolls, no free hotels and etc.. yet they were willing to travel all across Malaysia to ensure that they are heard... and they did.. :)

During the rally, the only flag being hoisted was our 'JALUR GEMILANG'.. not the opposition's.. Cause those people are enduring their country not the parties.. whether the opposition parties has a hidden agenda towards this, i believe it is an individual observation and justification (we all have brains, rite..). If the goverment is not threaten by the nation support, then why can't they just allowed the rally legally.. it's just a submission of memorandum pun.. cam posmen antar surat, tapi RAMAAAAAIIII!!!

He said more, and i quote:

"They are going to lose, and they are going to lose badly in the next elections," he said."So, when they lose later, they can blame the Election Commission for not being fair."

My comment :

I'm wondering if he already has the election results... huhuhu...

He said even more, and i quote :

"Here, there is democracy," Nazri said, stressing that the democratic principles in this country are practiced through the electoral process.

"It is unfair for the opposition to drag the King into the picture. Don’t drag the king into the picture," he said

"The King supports us. The rakyat supports us, that is why they (the Opposition) are afraid of facing the upcoming election."

My comment :

Yeah.. 'there is democracy' and it is ONLY through the electoral process. What about free speech democracy, media streamlined democracy and even bloggers are not transparent to this democracy *sigh* Again, WHAT IS DEMOCRACY?

Hmmm.. i wonder why is it unfair to drag the King into the picture??? Malaysia kan demokrasi berparlimen & Raja Berpelembagaan. The His Majesty and Sultans are legitimate to form an opinion on any misconduct which fall within their power. So, why not? What was claimed by the peolple is not the opposition to rule, but a fair and clean election.. i guess, maybe some people prefer not to understand *sigh*...

For me, the issue is not about the party... it's about leadership.. A party will always remain as a party, however a leadership will make a difference.


kish said... can become next MM and Noraina Samad. 2-3 entry lagi pun buleh. now i know my pren can rant political issue. ;).

sitisabri said...

Cewah jaileen.. Aku setuju dgn komen ko.. btw ni Nette nyibuk.. camana jd org UK bes kah? sejuk tak? :p

L-e-E-n said...

kish : awwww.... tp i takut kena sue nokss... takde duuuiiiitttt... huhuhu...

juned : hamboi2 pengantin.. baru berbunyi nooo.. kekeke... aa boleh la jadi org UK.. mata tak tukar kaler lagi..:P aa sejuuupppsss.. blum msk winter lagi... mau beku pi klas... huhuhu

i_sofia said...

kish & juned: ni la jaileen yang aku kenal masa kat skolah dulu.. wpun tak kenal sangat.. tp.. sib baik takde orang nak bangkang apa yang dia tulis nih.. kot tak.. lgi banyak hujah dia kuarkan..

mate: tetiba teringat ko kat skolah la.. heheh.. cuba bayangkan kalau ko boleh bawak benda ni tuk didebatekan???? heheh...

L-e-E-n said...

aton : kakaka.. takleh2.. sbb time tu ketua debator adik ipar najib... nnt aku kena pangkah... wakakka..