Wednesday, 16 April 2008

A sad journey of Sufiah Yusof

Huhuhuhu.. punya la lama aku tak apdet blog aku nih... bihzi layan citer manjang skng nih... Hohohohoho.. sesuatuh sgts.. Nway, dah lama aku nak apdet citer yang agak basi ni, sebab bizi layan ghost, sindarela apa segala series kan... tapi nak apdet gak la skang...

The whole mesia gempak pasal kes Sufiah Yusuf recently kan... Ari tu dengar Dr Mashitah nak datang kunun2 nak membantu tapi cam tak muncul2 lak.. tapi bagus gak, jgn abiskan duit taxpayer for a British citizen... Dr Mashitah dulu pun pernah keluarkan fatwa kontrovesi 'pelacuran di'halal'kan jika darurat'.. Mana la dia belajar, isk..isk.. mungkin berkonsepkan Islam Hadari kot.. wallahualam... Anyway, when i first read the news on The Telegraph it was a regrettable facts for me... I pity her for what she had went through and the price she needs to pay being a prodigy. But few days later, News of World revealed her confession on how she enjoys her new life and 'career' without feeling ashamed about it.. Rasa simpati aku hilang terus.. She's doing a part time master in economic, so is her first degree is just a total waste?

I like to quote on her ex-husband comment, "My view is that people can blame childhood to a certain extent, but there also comes a point where you have to take responsibility for your own actions." Absolutely.. she knows exactly what she's doing. Having said that, only an immature, blockhead person willing to ruin their own future when hundred other options laid freely in front of them.

Here are some of her comments :

"People think escorting is sleazy and terrible but I don't see it like that,"

Yup2... she sees it as a glamorous 'career'. Well, describing it as escorting does not put you a level higher than a hooker cause as long as you trade a sex with money, it is callled a prostitute. In reality, it is not as glamorous as you thought it is.

"I'm a Primark and Topshop girl normally! I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman."

Firstly, I'm a Primark and Topshop girl tooooo... Kecik ati occay ngan statement itew.. tapi skng tukar HnM lak.. hihihi... Nway, but because you are treated like a princess, shopping for Gucci and 'friends', it doesn't mean you will end up as Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman. That's so shallow.. You will only continue to trap yourself deeper in this vice industry and the further you go, the harder you could find a way out.

"It's like they want to rescue me. One man asked me how much I earned a year. I said £60,000. He told me, ‘I'll pay that amount straight into your bank and buy you a flat and you can be my mistress."

Dapat offer jadi Fatin dalam Spa Q... hohohoh.. In other words, she's a hot stuff la kiranya...

"From 11, I was studying maths all the time. I didn't have any friends. I wasn't in the Brownies. My father said they didn't teach Muslim values. I hardly ever played with other children."

Her childhood was robbed by her father after he was release from jail for mortgage fraud. But how long must you keep on blaming on this?? If you guys are interested to read the true colour of Yusof's family from the misconception circulating in the media, their blog is here.

"I don't want to take anything away from people who do jobs like that but it's not for me. I have a nice life. I don't want for anything."

The nice life you're enjoying will not last long... 10 year or maybe 5 years from now, jumlah sugar daddy pun tah2 berkurang.. gagagaga... Dah la she's working as an escorts under an agency... although she got paid 1000 pound skali pun entah baper puluh % yg agency tu ambik.. hmmm.. tatau la dia wat math ke tak untuk tu sumer...

Apepun, her life journey so far is just a typical situation macam anak2 gadis kat mesia atau kat mana2 negara yg terpesong2 disebabkan kesempitan hidup, masalah keluarga dan mencari identiti diri... Rasanya, tak berbaloi pun nak menghabiskan duit rakyat atas dasar KITA PRIHATIN walaupun untuk warga asing padahal takde pun apa2 contribution dari Sufiah mahupun keluarga Yusuf sendiri terhadap negara kita. There are more Sufiahs in our own country and don't they deserve the same treatment as what was promised for Sufiah? Jangan la jadi cam kes tsunami dulu, kutip derma ratus2 ribu nak tolong org luar, tapi mangsa2 tempatan sampai skang pun rumah yang dijanjikan tak sesempurna dikata. Aku nak jadi Karam Singh Walia sat, "KERA DI HUTAN DISUSUKAN, ANAK DI RUMAH DIBIAR KELAPARAN".... akaakakakaka

Walaupun aku bunyi cam anti je kempen selamatkan Sufiah ni, but as a Muslim sister marilah kita sama2 mendoakan semoga suatu hari nanti dia akan kembali ke pangkal jalan.



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