Saturday, 8 March 2008

Pilihanraya Umum ke 12

Finally, the day for Malaysian to excercise their rights has come. Aku tak memangkah :P.. I woke up this morning and the first thing i did was keep up with the current election result. I know this election is a BIG hit for the goverment after 50 years. Although as predicted BN will continue to win but it's going to be a pungent competition for 2/3 majority in parliment seats. Some result are expected like Samy Vellu downfall (mahathir pun tau pencen... innadeyyy!!), Zainuddin Maidin's lost and KJ to win in Rembau.. However, there are also some of the result that amused me and i felt that the solidarity of new Malaysian has been displayed without doubt. 5 states were lost to the oppositions including Penang and Selangor.. Surprise! Surprise! Makkal sakti sangatssss.... :P

Pak Lah tak boleh tidur lagi.. The people has speak and it is time for reformation.. This is a tremendous lost since 1969, jangan sampai peristiwa 13 May berulang lagi... For the opposition, i hope action will be taken with integrity to every promises being said before. Jangan seperti melepaskan batuk di tangga. You were given chances to prove what can be done for the people who supports you therefore we shall be expecting to see the achievement in the next 5 years.

BTW, i really felt disgust with KJ victory in Rembau..Somehow i can sense from the beginning he did not win it clean.. This scumbag can do anything to get what he wants. One of the most corrupted person.. Dah la tiba2 ngaku orang nogori... Orang nogori kena maintain keturunan belah mak ok... Mak ekau orang utaro.. dengan orang kampung buleh la nak lantang2... takut la tu nak lawan kat kawasan bandar..

Anyway, i'm signing off for now...


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