Monday, 21 January 2008

My New Year's Resolution...

It has been 21 days past 2008 and 11 days past 1429 Hijrah and i hope it is still not to late to wish all of you Happy New Year and Salam Maal Hijrah. This year, I take it as a beginning of a new phase in my life, looking at a bright side of what life has to offer and seeking opportunity to get what needed to achieve for the next future. I can't exactly remember the last time that I really made my new year's resolution. Occasionally I'll create one but along the year it will just fade and forgotten. However, there is one facetious resolution that i made on 2006 that unexpectedly achieved in 2007...

to get married.. Heeeeeeee :D

So, as for this year i do want to make my new resolutions just to ensure I engage and focus myself thorughout this year. We'll see how much that i manage to strike by end of the year..

1. To complete my Masters with at least merits.
2. To start making baby.... (owww yeahhh!!) suker2... :p
3. Travel to London, Paris and Scotland.
4. Save money and start to learn making more money... $$$..

I hope that the spirit of the hijrah will bring in much betterness in life, in this world and the lifeafter, amin.


kish said...

salam tu asyik2 jenguk kuar lagu abg chris. tgk2 hr ni dah bertukar wajah. wish u good luck.

NurFidZaH said...

tahniah leen...comeynyer page baru leen...sama comey ngan pic nikah leen .cpat2 dpt baby dear nanti leh ler kasi kawan kat danish...hehehe...nanti ur big day jgn lupa invite kitaorg laks tau...take care dear kat negara org tu...sihat sokmo deh...and gudlucks

ilot said...

Making baby trough jarak jauh ke?? muahaha... Balik cepat Muz kesunyian... Muahaha

L-e-E-n said...

kish : tahun ni rasa cam nak berkonsepkan ikan emas la pulakkkkk!! Nampak nama Kish macam cendol laaa... Haiyooo... sesuatuh sangatsss kan!

fiza : Huahuhau.. dah banyak kan bakal kawan-kawan anak aku ni yang stand by... :P

ilot : Huiiiii... it takes two to have a baby... tahun ni in making je blum production lagi.. kakakakaka (*matila censored)... :P..