Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Dr. M quits UMNO... MOTIFFFF???

Tun Mahathir made another aggresive highlight pressuring Pak Lah to step down since the dismal showing in the last general election in March. He will not be an UMNO member as long as Pak Lah remain as an UMNO President and all this is claimed for the sake of Malays... katanya, beliau dah tak confident dengan UMNO's ability to safeguard the rights and privileges of the Malays.. But since when that UMNO is really capable in protecting the Malays?? Emmm.. 1946-1980 maybeeeeee....

UMNO was corrupted long agooo.. Zaman Tun lagi kan... so what difference does it makes in surviving the Malays?... Kalau nak ikut dijajah sampai sekarang pun still 'dijajah'.. The only significant difference seen between Tun's era and Pak Lah's is the leadership.. Mahathirism vs Islam Hadari... Eventhough corruption, cronisme and all the politics destruction that happened during Tun's era is similarly critical, but it is taken as 'lumrah politik'. During that time, Tun's achievement in putting Malaysia in the world map is very impressive which made sightless attention to other political issues happening in the country. Tapi bila time Pak Lah, aku pun tatau achievement apa yang ada kat Malaysia.. Islam Hadari tu sendiri pun dah tak kena... ISLAM ITU SATU je.. mudah sangat... tapiiiiiii nakkkkkk jugaakkk dengar cakap KJ itewwww (skng senyapppp lak.. tak berani lawan mukhrizkah??)

Pak Lah is a very weak leader.. He's not even a leader, more as a follower.. he's also acting deaf when people requested him to step down for an obvious reason. Tapi nak buat macam mana, he believes what he believes. And if he thought he can bring back the glory of Malays and the unity of UMNO, I AM WAITING FOR THE DAY occay... :P.

Anyway, back to Tun, I am not quite clear with his decision to quit UMNO. Peralihan kuasa will be by end of this year, why can't he waits if Pak Lah is the main issue? He seems to be desperate wanting Pak Lah to step down as soon as possible. Was it really about Malays and UMNO, or is it a fighting frustration when his immediate suggestions and opinion from election result previously did not attract attention. OR is it concerning of 'saving' his butt from the judicial fixing crime???

We must not forget that apart from being a man who think one generation ahead, Tun is undeniable a first-class strategist. Benarkah kata Hang Tuah, 'Takkan Melayu Hilang Di Dunia???'


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