Saturday, 23 February 2008

Project Runway S04

Just thought of being lazy for a while... so i search for Project Runway episodes which i've missed for a catch up. I just love this show since the first season... The show is really... emm.. gay i think.. hohoho.. but admit it the 'gays' who really make the show interesting.. :P Anyway, i care less of it.. I just love to watch people putting their creativity into pieces of every challenge.

For this season my pick is Christian Siriano, the youngest designer of all :).

FIERCE!!.. His hair just speaks for him. He is hillarious... aku takleh lupa for challange untuk WWE costume, masa dalam sewing room and they're chatting about their 'Diva' aka WWE superhero and he choose 'Ferocia Cotura and her moves is she sprays girls in eyes with hairspray'... Gagah sangatss kann?? Gagagaga..

From all his collection i think i love the Levi's outfit he made and the Avant Garde look he created with Chris. The Levi's outfit was wild and edgy, tapi sayang la tak menang... Ricky kaki nangis tu menang... huhuhu.. I love his aesthetic sense (sangat imaginatif) yet i can't deny sometimes he's being obnoxious and adorable at the same time... IMAH sangatssss!! Tanpa was-was... Laser2 dia pun jadi fan's favourite occayyy... dapat 10k...

I got a feeling he will steal the show during the Fashion Week and win it all.. For the competitors, i thought Jillian and Rami is more on sophisticated and wearable kind of collection... Jillian do make surprises but i don't favor her design. Rami will continue to draped.. awal2 tengok cantik la... after few episodes i started to get bored with his pieces.. This guy really need to get out of his comfort zone and start taking risk.. For Chris, he may give some artistic competition with Christian but he's more on costume design... kadang2 tu takleh bayang sape nak pakai baju die selain model tu... nevertheless, i appreciate the dramatic and entertaining touch in his design... hohohohoh...

So basically, i really wish Christian will come out with something unpredictible kind of master piece... GO GO CHRISTIAN!! *pom pom gurl sgtssss*

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